Faces of Excellence: Honoring MITIS Achievers in the 2016 AP Exams

Two MITIS students have recently joined the ranks of the school’s best after gaining AP Scholar awards from the College Board for their exemplary performance in the May 2016 AP Exams. Audrey Lok Lum O. Yue, Grade 11 student, received the AP Scholar with Honor award after achieving an average AP score of 3.75 in 4 exams while Jaehong Kim, 2016 Batch Valedictorian, got the AP Scholar award for getting a 3.20 average in 5 exams.

Audrey, a MITIS student since 9th Grade, took the AP exams in English Language and Composition, Psychology, Environmental Science, and US History. According to her, she took the subjects “[she] found interesting and was more comfortable with, and played more toward [her] strengths.” In addition to her challenging academic load, Audrey has other school responsibilities being a member of the Student Coordinating Board (SCB) and staffer of the STRIPES publication. She prepared for her exams, despite her busy schedule, by participating in group reviews, taking practice tests, and watching video lessons in Youtube.

Audrey advises future AP students to focus on “deepening [their] understanding of the topics and developing [their] skills” rather than getting good scores. “You’re not in AP to prove yourself; you’re there to learn,” she shared.  Furthermore, she believes that optimism and flexibility are important in achieving the AP success.

On the other hand, Jaehong prepared for his AP subject tests in English Literature and Composition, Calculus BC, Physics C (Mechanics and Electromagnetism), and World History by making organized review plans. He dedicated most of his time studying online review materials and asking assistance from his teachers and peers even on weekends. Although it was a great challenge for him, he still found time to balance his school responsibilities and other out-of-school activities for personal growth. Jaehong is currently preparing for another great journey, this time as a Business Administration major at Singapore Management University.

Both Audrey and Jaehong believe that the school’s rigorous AP program and the strong support of their families, teachers, and peers played an important role in their success. This is reflective of MIT International School’s belief that learners achieve best in an academically challenging learning environment with the support of competent teachers and collaborative families.

MIT International School has been authorized by the College Board to offer AP subjects in Grades 11 and 12, and to administer AP and PSAT exams. At the moment, 15 AP courses in different subject areas are open for MITIS students.