Top 10 MITIS Misconceptions

MIT International School has been positioning itself as a exemplary international school for the past ten years. Aside from its students and faculty, its mission, vision, and philosophy of education has continuously led it to greater heights. However, as a student of MITIS for the past 4 years, it’s kinda tiring to clear misconceptions over and over again to different people. Don’t get me wrong; I love explaining how beautiful the story of MIT is, but it’s weird whenever they keep asking me what is and what’s not. It’s also funny how different people ask the same questions. So, just to finally settle things, let me share with you the top ten common misconceptions about our school. 


MIT International School is a small school. Whenever they ask me this question, I get confused. First of all, size is relative. Are they asking me for the land area of MITIS or what? To be honest, we can’t compete with the land size of big international schools here in the Philippines; however, MIT International School is not a small school. It provides top-caliber education.  The caring and supportive environment encouraged by the faculty and the strong bonds among the students, for me, is something BIG. The friendships and families formed in MITIS are HUGE indicators of our success. In addition, MIT International School has EPIC dreams, not only for itself but also for its students.


MIT International School is closing. MITIS is NOT closing. The past school year has been very tough especially during the latter parts of the year, but as one community, we were able to surpass the obstacles. Personally, I thought of how sad it would be if MITIS closes for there are many things that MITIS gives that other schools can’t. It has provided utmost support to students’ dreams and aspirations.  Now, we have learned that an institution that is built in the foundation of love, dreams, and wisdom is hard to break down.


MIT International School is a school only for Koreans. The name speaks for itself. It’s an international school, which means that it does not only accept Korean students but students coming from different cultural backgrounds.  The school tries its best to uphold cultural diversity and install camaraderie as we pursue being active and collaborative global citizens.  


MIT International School is a university that branches to elementary and high school. Though the school is young, it has a dream of having its own university. However, as of now, it provides K-12 education to its students. It may not have a university but it has different programs such as the Advanced Placement Program, and different exams for the students to be college-ready. It also helps its students to be in the university they would fit in as it provides suggestions and recommendations with the help of the College Board. It’s also part of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) that boosts the students’ credibility in the international standard.


MIT International School is only for rich people. Due to it its high quality education, some may find the school’s tuition fee expensive. With this, people assume that MITIS is a school wherein only rich people can afford. On the contrary, MITIS provides scholarship programs for students who are academically outstanding to be able to avail the high quality education. It is stated that 20% of the school’s population must be scholars to make sure that everyone has the opportunity of achieving academic and values excellence. Moreover, the school offers the lowest tuition fee rates in comparison to other schools who offer the same level of academic programs.


MIT is M.I.T. A lot of people pronounces MIT as M.I.T. as they think that MIT is an acronym for something. But, MITIS is a Latin word which means gentle. The founders want the students to feel care and gentleness from the staff, faculty, and other students. It encourages students to be caring and responsible family members as the school is a one big family.


MIT is Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Mapua Institute of Technology. In relation to MIT being an acronym, people assume that MIT is either Massachusetts Institute or Mapua Insititute. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private university in Cambridge while Mapua Institute of Technology is a research institution here in the Philippines. Obviously, neither of the two is MITIS related. Although the schools are great schools, we would like to clear this misconception for MITIS has its own great name. 


MIT International School is an academy. Academies are like tutoring centers. They provide extra education to students who are going to a different school. However, MITIS is not a tutoring center. It’s an institution that provides a second home to its students. 


MIT International School is only for students who have plans to study abroad. MIT International School helps students who are planning to go abroad but it’s not limited only for them. It’s true that with the approval of the College Board and WASC, the choices of universities for students widen. However, there are a lot of students who are currently soaring their way to success here in the Philippines. For example, Monica Felizardo, the Valedictorian of Class 2014, is now a student of University of the Philippines Diliman.


Classes at MIT International School starts on June. Most of the classes here in the Philippines open at June. However, MIT International School follows the the international curriculum wherein classes open at August.