MITISzens Launch DARE: CSO 2017-2018

MIT International’s School Creative Social Outreach (CSO) Program for the school year was launched last September 11, 2017 with the theme, “DARE: See. Be. Live.”

The CSO Student Team headed by Myra Joanna Arce, Patrisha Jane Gan, and Jina Yu talked about the importance of living out the school’s core value of SERVICE for others.  They encouraged students to choose a program to join.  This year, there will be a focus on reaching out to the elderly through the “Mano Po” program and less fortunate kids through “Kalinga.”  Students are also encouraged to help build community through “Kahinlog.”

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In order to signify their choices, students were asked to mark stones with their thumbprint as a sign of commitment. 12 students signed up for Kahinglog, 7 for Kalinga, and 6 for Mano Po.

Key chains were given to all students to celebrate the launch.  It’s indeed time for MITISzens to DARE to See, DARE to Be, and Dare to Live.