Admission Process

Admission Process

Step 1 – Completion of Application Form and Required Documents 

Submit the following documents to Admissions Office:

  • Accomplished Application Form (Click here to download the Admission Packet.)
  • Application Fee: A fee of PhP 3,000 upon submission of the application form is required and is  nonrefundable.
  • Academic Records: At least two years of school records are needed, including partial year records. If necessary, records must be translated into English and authenticated.
  • Copy of student’s passport and/or birth certificate
  • Copy of parents’s passport or legal ID
  • Copy of guardian’s passport or legal ID (if not living with parents)
  • Affidavit of support and consent (only for students living with a guardian)
  • Recommendation Form:  Two recommendation forms are required. One should come from a recent main subject teacher and the other from the principal or guidance counselor. The MITIS Recommendation Form should be used.
  • Foreign Students:  In addition to the foregoing requirements, foreign students may be admitted upon compliance with all the requirements of the Bureau of Immigration, Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Education. The curriculum year placement of students shall be based on submitted credentials and the results of entrance tests and interviews.
  • Transferees:  The academic program and calendar of the previous school are important factors to be considered during the admission process for transferees. Minimum attendance requirement is 80% in order to receive credits. Attendance at a previous school can be applied.
  • NOTE: In case of overseas applicants, the documents can be scanned and sent to (File format: JPEG or PDF). Original school records should be submitted upon enrollment.

Step 2 – Entrance Test 

All applicants will take a test on English, Mathematics, and Non-verbal Reasoning. Non-native English speakers will take an additional test on English Proficiency. Examination results will be available the day after the test.

Step 3 – Interview 

All applicants will be interviewed by either the Guidance Counselor and/or a Faculty member. High School students and parents may also want to discuss the Advanced Placement (AP) Program with the AP Coordinator.

Step 4 – Admission Decision

Decisions will be given after the applicant has taken the entrance test(s) and has been interviewed personally by the Guidance Counselor and/or a faculty member. However, the Admissions Office can make early decisions about admission depending on the student’s previous school records, awards, and other factors indicating satisfactory academic achievement.  It is the school’s prerogative to accept or reject any application.