DeMITISfied: What Makes a MITIS Teacher

Although a little late from the rest of the world, the MITIS community did not forget to honor its amazing set of educators in the recently-concluded MITIS Teacher’s Day celebration through several activities sponsored by the Student Coordinating Board (SCB). Read more

On-the-Job: Reflections of a MITIS Scholar

It’s June and I’m at my most unproductive state. I mean, it’s summer (like, June and July are summer extensions) and I have all the freedom to be a useless and lazy human being. Plus, the last school year has Read more

Never Give Up – A Valedictory Address

Learning is a journey, or so they say. However, to many high school students, it often feels like a maze, a jungle, a trap. Along with the happy memories are the struggles for success, excellence, and most importantly, acceptance and Read more

How to Ace Your Exams

As Quarterly Exams are here, you might want to get some tips from the ones who have been in your shoes before and did well. Here are some tips from our MITIS alumni.  

Top 10 MITIS Misconceptions

MIT International School has been positioning itself as a exemplary international school for the past ten years. Aside from its students and faculty, its mission, vision, and philosophy of education has continuously led it to greater heights. However, as a student of MITIS for Read more