Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education

MIT International School believes that properly motivated students can master basic skills and reach their respective development potentials. It believes that the highest standards of learning and conduct are better achieved when teachers and school staff work in close collaboration with families. It believes that students respond positively to the challenges of rigorous academic work and to the demands of responsible citizenship within a warm and supportive community and through the life example of their mentors.


MIT International School is an exemplary school welcoming students from different cultural backgrounds and geographic areas. It inspires each child to attain his/her full potential in a challenging intellectual and genuinely caring environment under the tutelage of well-trained and dedicated teachers. It is a center of enlightened thought and practice in the education of the young towards competent and responsible citizenship in the home, nation, and international community.


MIT International School offers an integrated curriculum rich with values-oriented, inquiry-based, developmentally appropriate, and hands-on learning experiences. Strong emphasis is given to proficiency in mathematics, science, and oral and written English. A special place is given to the lively appreciation of music, painting, dance, and other arts.

Special attention to the learning needs of every child shall remain a primary commitment. The school shall, thus, engage the services of top caliber teachers, provide clear and constant communication with families, offer state-of-the-art facilities, and maintain small class sizes and a relatively small school population.

The school shall promote actively traditional values among its students and all its stakeholders. It shall uphold the core values of Solidarity, Truth, Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Excellence, and Service (STRIPES) in all its programs and practices to ensure the integral formation of all learners.