School Fees

Policies on School Fees

Duly approved tuition fees and other charges are published in the bulletin of information. Notice of any change in fees will be published in advance.  Click the link for the School Fees (SY 2017-2018).

Payment of Tuition Fees

  1. It is understood that a student normally enrolls for the entire school year and all fees for the entire school year are due and payable upon enrollment unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon by the parent/guardian and admissions officer.
  2. Fees will not be prorated for part of a quarter regardless of the number of days attended.
  3. The school accepts payments in cash, checks,, and bank transfers. Payments must be made in either US or PhP currencies.
  4. For bank transfer payments, please ensure the student’s name on your remittance. Email your bank confirmation slip to Students will shoulder all bank and transaction charges. Please refer to FOREX rate on the day of remittance for US Dollar payments.
  5. A late payment penalty of 2% per month (cumulative) will be billed on fees not paid within the due date.
  6. Miscellaneous and all other fees are due and payable on or before July 1 or upon enrollment, whichever is applicable.
  7. Sibling discounts of 5% from second child onward (tuition fee only) is offered.



  1. Students who withdraw from the school within 7 days from the start of classes shall be entitled to a refund of 75% of tuition fees paid.
  2. All other fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refund of tuition fee can only be made upon full payment of school fees for current year.


Delinquent Tuition Policy

  1. Students who have an outstanding balance at the end of the quarter will not be issued their report cards or any other documents needed for enrollment at other institutes and will not be readmitted the following year
  2. Checks from those who have previously issued checks “dishonored” by banks for insufficient funds, closed accounts, and other reasons will no longer be accepted.