MITIS Summer Program

MITIS Summer Program


  1. To provide academic assistance to students with failing or marginal final grades;
  2. To help students to master the competencies where they had difficulties based on the results of NAT, SBA, and teacher-made assessments;
  3. To provide ESL students the opportunity to advance in ESL levels and/or gain admission to mainstream classes;
  4. To offer advanced lessons for students to enjoy a headstart for next school year’s lessons and to experience a more challenging summer vacation.

Academic Course Offerings

  • Remedial Classes in Math, English, Science, Social Studies (Grades 4-10)
  • Advanced Math (Grades 4-10)
  • Advanced English Language and Composition (Grades 4-10)
  • Oral English
  • Conversational Filipino
  • Pre-University Level Filipino
  • Music Classes: Guitar

Duration, Time Schedules, and Fees

Five (5) weeks, Monday to Friday

Academic courses: Daily, 2 hours/session; P15,000.00/course

Music Courses: Twice a week, 1.5 hours/session, P7,500.00/course

For inquiries / application:Phone: +632.809.1616; +632.807.0720 | Fax: +632.809.3280 Email: